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'Transactions' podcast series

View from the Valley #5: deconstructing SPACs – how they vary and how they perform

SPACs are the hottest business story of the year.

In the latest episode of our View from the Valley podcast series, Freshfields partners Boris FeldmanPamela Marcogliese and Michael Levitt are joined by Stanford professor Michael Klausner, one of America’s foremost experts, to discuss the ins and outs of the SPAC craze – from how they perform for investors and targets to whether they’re a likely source of future litigation.

You can also read: Freshfields’ 2020 De-SPAC Debrief (PDF), Michael Levitt’s analysis of every de-SPAC transaction that closed in 2020; and Mike Klausner’s report, A Sober Look at SPACs (PDF).

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