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Cross borders with confidence podcast

Auction strategies

Whether you’re on the buy or sell side of an M&A auction, acting quickly and confidently is more important than ever.

Our co-heads of Global M&A, Matthew Herman and Bruce Embley, are joined by partner Arun Balasubramanian to discuss the increasingly fast-paced world of M&A auctions, including an examination of current trends and effective strategies in the US, UK, and Asia.

Cross-Border M&A: US, UK, and German Perspectives

Planning US-outbound M&A? Make sure your deal isn’t lost in translation.

A US business looking to acquire a company in the UK or Germany first needs to understand how different dealmaking can be in those two jurisdictions. Freshfields US Regional Managing Partner Peter Lyons speaks with leading M&A colleagues from the UK and Germany about their markets, diving deep into the regional differences that might influence your company’s decision on how—and where—it expands through outbound M&A.

New Regimes, New Rules?

The Future of EU and US Competition Enforcement

With new competition regimes in place in two of the most important markets for business, the US and the EU, what does a winning strategy look like? Freshfields partners Matt Herman, Paul Yde and Thomas Janssens talk through what they’re seeing now - and what they predict for the future.

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